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Welcome To Windsor

Windsor was founded in 1981 after the realization that many International companies, both large and small, needed a way to obtain US goods at reasonable prices. As Windsor grew over the years, so did the staff to include the current personnel with a range of backgrounds in Mining, Construction, Steel, and Process Industries as well as a various other related core specialties.

Windsor also has several staff members who are knowledgeable in other languages, as they have either lived or traveled overseas. This greatly strengthens Windsor’s international experience and capabilities.

Today our team is organized to quickly and efficiently respond to the customers specific needs as well as integrating a working knowledge of inspection requirements and air, sea & courier details to your specific region of the world. We currently specialize in locating and exporting a wide variety of equipment and materials for many different industries. View our industries to see a detailed list of those that we presently deal with.

Our customers are located in numerous countries in Latin America, the Far East, Africa, Australia, and Europe. You may visit our locations for a comprehensive map illustrating the countries we presently support.